The Onsight Journey

Over 4 years ago, Onsight Films began with us (Marlon and Redgie) taking a leap of faith, leaving our secure full-time jobs to pursue our dream of running a film production business together. It was small beginnings for us but from the get go we were committed to give our absolute best and let our work speak for itself.

We wanted to bring our passion and experience for filmmaking into an industry that we felt was lacking wedding videos that are filmed professionally with a natural yet cinematic feel.

Very quickly we have grown, year on year and have helped develop a trusting, selective and very talented team of 5 and are so proud of the work that we can share to all our couples who trust us with their special day.

We love hearing past and potential couples express that our films don’t only summarise a wedding day but move them in a way that they weren’t prepared for when thinking about a “Wedding Video”.

At time, couples have expressed that strangers on social media have commented on their wedding film saying that although they didn’t know the couple personally, they were left in tears and felt they knew the couple (even just a little bit) after watching their film.

This is the type of feedback that keeps up going and honestly, it’s what makes us want to continue growing and never stop learning new ways to make our films even more meaningful. We set out to make each film uniquely and we’re glad this feedback is showing we’re on the right track.

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